Thursday, May 25, 2017

Time for a Vacation

May 2017

Well, the PET scan was done. No change in the tumor at all.

Our worst fears had been realized.

We start doing research on the best RPLND surgeons in the country, and we hit upon two doctors: Dr. Einhorn and Dr. Carey at the University of Indiana.

Arrangements have been made to travel there and have the surgery done. We're finished taking risks. Dr. Einhorn is the leading testicular cancer doctor in the US, and Dr. Carey does RPLND surgery. All records have been sent to them, and surgery is scheduled for June 8th, with a consult the afternoon of June 7th with both doctors.

Yes, it's going to cost money. No, we're not concerned about that. What matters at this point is my husband surviving. Period.

He has to live. There isn't another option.

It's bad enough that this disease causes people to have PTSD where their health is concerned. Every twinge, every ache, and he's going to think the cancer is back for the rest of his damned life. Even four years, ten years, or fifteen years from now, he'll worry.

So, from now until Tuesday, the C word won't be spoken. We're going to lay on a beach and pretend everything is okay for five days. When we come back, we'll prepare ourselves for the worst and hope for the best.

My annual MRI was done Monday, so we'll deal with whatever comes from that when we return home, too.

I'll be updating this blog as we move forward now.

If anyone wants step-by-step recipes, drop a comment down below, and I'll get in here and post some.

Remember to do those self exams, fellas!

Until next time.

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